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Well, what usually happens is that they warn them and give the other team a free kick, but if it is blocking a shot or intentionally doing it to stop or do something, they could could red or yellow carded.

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This penal offense is called charging, and will result in a direct free kick awarded to the victim's team from the spot where the foul occurred. If the offense was committed by a defender within his own penalty area, a penalty kick is awarded instead. If the foul was done by an attacker within the defender's goal area, the free kick can be taken from anywhere within the goal area (similar to a goal kick). The referee may choose to invoke the "advantage" clause if, in his opinion, the team of the victim has an opportunity to gain a greater tactical advantage by not stopping play.

If the ball is out of play at the time of the incident, it is not a foul, but might be classified by the referee as unsporting behavior (yellow card, caution) or violent conduct (red card, send-off), and play will be restarted according to the reason play was stopped in the first place.

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Only a goalie can touch the ball with their hands. If another player does, a penalty is called and the other team gets the ball

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Q: What happens if a soccer player touches the ball on purpose?
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