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The player must touch every single in order for the home-run to count. If they can't continue around the bases they will not be awarded the home-run. There have been times when this happened in softball and the girls picked the girl up and carried her around the bases so that she could still be awarded her home run.

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If another player hits home base, yes. But if the person hits home base, no.

Once an umpire signals a home run, it counts as such even if (1) the ball actually lands in the field of play (say, an umpire gives the signal prematurely) or (2) the batter or runner becomes physically unable to run the bases (say, a torn tendon leaving the batter's box). An umpire would simply call time, allow the injured player to be taken off the field, and then resume play.

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Only if he/she wants to score a run(s) for his/her team. Otherwise, each base must be observably touched on the way past.

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Q: What happens if a player hits a home run but is unable to continue running bases?
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