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The game is forfeited. Sometimes depending on how many players you have.

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Q: What happens if a player fouls out in basketball and you have no subs?
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Total of five players on a basketball team no subs what happens if one of the five foul out of the game?

If one of the five players on the team get fouled out of the game and you don't have subs you just play with only 4 players.

How many in basketball team player?

There are approximately 15 pplayers on each Basketball team.

What is total number of players in basketball?

7. With role on subs.

How many subs can you have in the game of basketball in high school?


How many players were on a team when basketball originated?

10 with 3 subs

How many players in a basketball team team including subs?


What happens if goalkeeper gets red card during a penalty shootout?

then an outfield player must take his position as there are no subs during this time

How many palyers are on a basketball team including subs?

on average, about 12 players, maby 15

How many players can be on a court in basketball?

5 from each team and at least 1/2 subs

How is volleyball similar to basketball?

both sports use a ball and they both have nets involved and there are timeouts and subs c:

What happens if both the first and second goalkeepers are sent off in one match?

The third goalkeeper goes in if he's on the bench and there are subs left, otherwise, an outfield player goes into goal.

Who are fitter basketball players or soccer players?

Soccer, at least 8 players have to play all 90+ minutes without subs.