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It's called a "run and hit" play. The runner from third takes off towards home plate and it's the batters job to put the ball in play so the runner can score.

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The answer above does not apply to the question as the question implies the pitcher stepped off, so the ball thrown home is not a pitch. (my opinion, but i will leave it)

First off, I dont think this is a situation that you will find in the rule book exactly as described, so there will need to be some interpretation done on the side of the umpires as to "what actually happened". If this was a game I was umpiring I would call the runner out for interference by a player/coach that is not envolved in the play (the batter, in this situation). But like I said, the umpire would have to determine that the pitcher stepped off legally -- the fact that the batter hit it would be deemed as intentional because there is a big difference between a throw to the plate as a pitch, and one that is not a pitch -- first off if he stepped off, i doubt the pitcher would follow the legal mechanics to make a legal pitch -- so right there it has to be ruled either -- 1. pitcher stepped off and is making a play on the runner at 3rd or 2. a balk (and the runner would be rewarded home)

BUT, under no circumstances could the pitcher both step off the pitching rubber and the batter hit the ball thrown home. -- the umpire would have to determine as said before.. if the pitcher stepped off legally or balked

Thank you. I misread the question.

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When a batter gets hit by a pitch the runner or runners must go back to their base unless they have to move to forcefully move. now with a base on balls the runner can still steal the base

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The play continues, if it hits him and goes out in the field he can run home of he wants, as long as he did not intentionally try to get hit by the ball

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Q: What happens if a cather throws the ball and hits the runner stealing third?
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If the catcher throws to second base when a runner is stealing second and there is no feilder to catch the ball who is the erer on?


When a pitcher throws to a base to keep a runner from stealing are those throws added to his total game pitch count?

No, only pitches to home plate count towards the pitch count.

What is official scoring when runner is thrown out trying to advance on passed ball or wild pitch?

It's ruled "caught stealing," and scored 2-6 if the catcher throws to the shortstop, 2-4 if the catcher throws to the second baseman, etc.

Runner stealing third base batter stands in batters box catchers arm hit batter in head is runner out?

no. the batter can stay in the batters box as long as they dnt move when someone is stealing third base. if the batter tried to block the catcher tho by moving, the bater is out. if the catcher hits the batter and the batter is still standing in the batters box, and the catcher throws to third base and the third baseman tags the runner the runner is still safe.

What are baseball player Mike Cather's physical stats?

Mike Cather is 6 feet 2 inches tall. He weighs 195 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

What are baseball player Ted Cather's physical stats?

Ted Cather is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs 178 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

The cather throws a passed ball or wild pitch and the ball hits the umpire does the run count?

no it is considered a dead ball

Does it count as a hit when the right fielder throws the runner out at first?


If the pitcher throws ball four and the catcher throws to 2nd before the runner reaches is he out?

No, it is simply ball four and the runner is safe and the batter is awarded first base on a base on balls.

Runner on second and batter hits grounder to short and throws out runner at third is batter credited with a hit?

No hit it is a fielders choice

If a pitcher balks and nobody on base. What happens?

A balk only happens in a pickoff attempt when the pitcher goes into his/her windup and seems lik they are pitching,but then throws to the base. The runner then gets to take a base. Since a balk only happens on a pickoff attempt which means someone is on base you can not balk with no runners on base.

Runner turns third base the 1st baseman throws wild to home allowing runner to score Is this an earned or unearned run?

Unearned, as it was scored on a throwing error.