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Q: What happens after 3 consecutive fouls?
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In a game of pool is scratching the cue ball repeatedly illegal?

In 9-Ball, some play that 3 consecutive fouls is an automatic loss of game.

In soccer do three consecutive fouls for one team count as a goal for the other team?


Do personal and team fouls reset in overtime?

Team fouls are reset to 3. Personal fouls remain the same

Is there 3 fouls in kick ball an out?

no. only if its a bad foul on all of the fouls.

How many fouls can you get in basketball?


What happens if the basketball players exceed their limit of fouls?

normaly they get kicked out of the game

How many fouls does it take to get fouled out?


What happens if an illegal challenge is made in basketball?

They get in the bin with Scott where it heats up ;)

What happens if a player with 5 fouls plays unnoticed by officials?

nothing happens but they refs and they book keeper rarely make that mistake

What is the singular of fouls?

The singular form of fouls is fouls.

What happens if you get 14 technical fouls in one season in the nba?

nothing you need 16 to get suspended

When a basketball team gets 7 fouls what happens?

nothing they are just over the foul limit