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It should be in contact with the court surface or else it is called a foul, thus causing a foul....

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Q: What happenes when a badminton player serves with a foot on the line?
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What is the height of a performance in badminton?

1000 foot

What are badminton's main skill?

I think that foot working, shooting at the target and serving are the main skills in badminton.

What nerve serves the leg and foot?


What major nerve serves the lateral leg and foot?

deep peroneal nerve from the common peroneal never

What is the height of the net in badminton from the floor to the top of the net?

1.54 metre

What major nerve serve leg and foot?

The sciatic nerve serves the posterior leg and foot. It can be such a problem that the patient cannot pick up their toes.

What are the disadvantages of badminton?

the heat and bordomness

How many inches is a 7 foot basketball player?

A seven foot Basketball player is 84 inches

On fifa 15 player career how do you check the weak foot of your player?

I am not sure how you check the weak foot of a player on FIFA. This is a type of a game.

What do you call the foot in netball that hits the floor when the player has the ball?

Landing foot? Or grounded foot.

Who was the player who kicked a goal from the time keepers box at the balranald football ground in 1967 or 1968?

i believe it was Bob Brown who was a natural left foot kick. If my memory serves me correctly he actually kicked 6 goals that day. I think it was in 1968

What equipment is used to play badminton?

Main Equipments:ONE: The Racket (two to four)TWO: The Shuttlecock (birdie)THREE: A badminton courtFOUR: A Badminton net (can be self-made with proper usage of tape)Secondary Equipments:ONE: The Accessories (Shoes, grips)TWO: The ClothingInformation on each Equipments:Badminton shoes are lightweight with soles of rubber or similar high-grip, non-marking materials.Badminton shoes have little lateral support. High levels of lateral support are useful for activities where lateral motion is undesirable and unexpected. Badminton, however, requires powerful lateral movements. A highly built-up lateral support will not be able to protect the foot in badminton; instead, it will encourage catastrophic collapse at the point where the shoe's support fails.