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Q: What happened to the kicker akers david is he still play football?
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Who was the Philadelphia Eagles kicker before David Akers?

David Akers first year with the Eagles was 1999. The kicker for the Eagles in the 1998 season was Chris Boniol.

Who is the kicker on the team and something about him?

david akers. A pro bowl kicker from the eagles

How old is David Akers?

Former NFL kicker David Akers is 43 years old (born December 9, 1974).

Who lead the eagles in scoring in 2002?

Kicker David Akers with 133 points.

Who is a better kicker between David Akers and Adam Viniteiri?

Adam viniteri im a colts fan

What three NFL teams other that the Philadelphia Eagles passed on kicker David Akers?

Falcons, Panthers, Redskins

Did david akers ever play for dallas cowboys?

No. The Pro Bowl kicker from the Philadelphia Eagles has never played for the Cowboys.

Who is the Philadelphia Eagles kicker for week twelve?

That would be David Akers. So far this year (10 games into the 2007 season) Akers has made 18 of 23 field goals and made all 16 he has attempted inside 40 yards. He is 1 of 4 between 40-49 and 1 of 3 at 50 or over.

When was david akers born?

David Akers-Jones was born on 1927-04-14.

When was David Akers-Jones born?

David Akers-Jones was born on 1927-04-14.

What football players wears or wore number 2 0n their jersey?

I don't know everyone but David Akers, and Matt Ryan.

What does the name Akers mean?

Akers A word used to describe females who appear attractive from far away but are notably unnattractive when they are near. (Looks good from 50) The word is derived from the Eagles place kicker David Akers who is known for kicking long field goals. It's a Philly thing... "What do you think of that girl?" "She's an Akers" Answer That's real nice. So what's it called when it's a guy that looks attractive until up close?