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they died

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Q: What happened to the Olympics comitee in 1999?
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How does a country get to be in the Olympics?

Lots of talent. Then the country has to submit a form to the comitee for entry. After that, they travel to the olympics.

Who started the winter olympics?

Mrs Phillips was a ski jumper and she wanted to compete with other ski jumpers in the world. So she went to the Olympic Comitee and said that there should be a winter Olympics. So the comitee listened to her whole story, and thought it was a great idea, so that's how th ewinter Olympics started

Who selects each countries team of athletes for the Olympics?

the comitee of each countries ioc leader

Why did they have the winter Olympics?

Because a ski jumper called mrs philip suggested and the comitee thought it was a good idea and they started it.

What were the top ten teams in the 1999 winter Olympics?

There were no Winter Olympics in 1999.

What happened in greece at the time of the Olympics?

They did the Olympics.

How do you spell comitee?


What happened in Barcelona in 1992?

the Olympics happened

International Olympic comitee?

IOC is considered the supreme authority of modern Olympics. It is a non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Lausanne , Switzerland. Its present president is Thomas Bachand. IOC is responsible for conduct of winter and summer Olympics every year.

What is a Political committee devoted to one issue?

They are called the [insert issue here] commitee. As in the community cleanup comitee or the anti-drug comitee.

When did Olympics Triplecast happen?

Olympics Triplecast happened in 1992.

When did The Grand Olympics happen?

The Grand Olympics happened in 1960.

When did Video Olympics happen?

Video Olympics happened in 2600.

When did Alternate Olympics happen?

Alternate Olympics happened in 1980.

When did The Olympics in Mexico happen?

The Olympics in Mexico happened in 1968.

Where were the 1999 winter games held?

There were no Winter Olympics in 1999.

What happened to the Olympics?

Nothing. The Olympics are hosted every 4 years.

Why did the Olympics happened?


Who won the Olympics in 1999?


What does a platform comitee do?

develop policy statement

What other political offices has joe biden had in his career?

Joe Biden was the chairmen of Foreign Relations Comitee, chairmen of Senate Judiciary Comitee, and the Senator of Delaware.

Where was the summers Olympics in 1999?

There was no summer Olympics in 1999. Incase you need the answer, here are some dates and places: 2000 Olympics was held in Sydney, Australia. 1996 Olympics was held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

What are the release dates for 1999 Special Olympics World Summer Games Opening Ceremony - 1999 TV?

1999 Special Olympics World Summer Games Opening Ceremony - 1999 TV was released on: USA: June 1999

How many Olympics have happened?

there have been 750 Olympics since 776 Bc

When did Charlie Chan at the Olympics happen?

Charlie Chan at the Olympics happened in 1936.