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he got fired

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โˆ™ 2011-06-06 19:48:53
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Q: What happened to mr Kennedy?
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What happened to WWE's mr Kennedy?

he got released

What is mr Kennedy's email?

mrkennedy!(kennedy!) from MR KENNEDY! ( KENNEDY! )

When is Mr Kennedy birthday?

Mr Kennedy Birthday is on 6th March (Slytherin)

What is mr Kennedy doing?

mr Kennedy is currently wrestling in tna by his real name mr Anderson

Did WWE fire Mr. Kennedy?

No, WWE did not fire Mr. Kennedy. He was released from his WWE contract.

Was mr Kennedy on steroids?


Is Mr Kennedy suspended from the WWE?

On May 29, 2009, Mr. Kennedy was released from his WWE contract.

What nationality is Mr Kennedy?

Mr. Kennedy is an American. He was born in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, United States.

Does Mr Kennedy still wrestle?

Yes, Mr. Kennedy does still wrestle, but not in WWE. He was released from his WWE contract.

Is Mr Kennedy Dead?


Did Mr Kennedy pass away?


Is mr Kennedy going to tna?


Has mr Kennedy cashed in?

no not yet

Is mr Kennedy a wrestler?


Did Mr. Kennedy get released?

Yes, he did.

Who is Mr. Kennedy dating?

Your mother.

Where can you find Mr Kennedy's new theme?

Go to YouTube and type in the search box 'Mr Kennedy's new theme'.

When did Kennedy Approach happen?

Kennedy Approach happened in 1985.

Is the us senator Ted Kennedy Democrat or Republican?

Mr. Kennedy is a Democrat.

How old was mrs Kennedy when mr Kennedy died?

She was 34 years of age.

How old is Mr. Kennedy?

US wrestler Ken Anderson, aka Ken Kennedy aka Mr. Kennedy, is 42 years old (born March 6, 1976).

Do you like mrkennedykennedy?

Mr Kennedy is awesome

Who is the inventor of Nintendo Wii?

Mr Kennedy

Is mr Kennedy returning to the WWE?


Was mr kennedy a good or bad guy before he left WWE?

Before Mr. Kennedy left WWE, he was a heel, or bad guy.