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usully right hand!

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Q: What hand do athetes tend to use to throw the javelin?
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What is a reasonable thing to throw in dodgeball?

There are light weight inflatable balls that can be used. Heavier balls like basketballs tend to cause injuries. Use an under hand throw or over head throw and avoid hitting anyone in the head. That would be a foul.

Intercepting in netball?

As a Netballer myself... while being known for my intercepts when it is the oppositions throw in. What i do is watch there hand movement. As well as their eyes because just before they throw the ball they tend to look at the person they are about to throw the ball to, and they often push the wrists back just before they throw the ball which lets me know the exact time they will pass.

Why do people tend to throw their gum on the ground?

people throw it on the floor mabye because there is no garbage can or they don't have anything to wrap it or there just plain lazy

Why do you hate monkeys?

They tend to throw feces, and they take dumps often. It's a combination for disaster.

Is the river liffey dirty?

Yes, The River Liffey is dirty as people tend to throw rubbish in it.

Why does a cat eat grass then throw it up?

Cats eat grass and throw it up because they are sick or think they are sick it makes them throw up so there tummies will feel better. Dogs tend to do the same thing

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Which atom forms the cation and which one the anion?

Elements at the left hand side of the periodic table and transition elements tend to form cations. Elements on the right hand side of the table with the exception of noble gases tend to form anions. Stated another way, metals tend to form cations and nonmetals tend to form anions.

Do polar bears use their right hand or their left hand?

Animals, just like us humans, tend to use one hand over the other. I have done some research and have found that they tend to be Left handed, or Left pawed. lol I am left handed, what a coincidence!

Are sumo wrestlers fat?

Sumo wrestlers tend to carry a lot of mass, to make them more difficult to move and throw.

Why does height affect your accuracy when you throw a basketball?

Height does not really affect the accuracy of your basketball throwing. However, tall people tend to underestimate the distance to the net and small people tend to overestimate the distance to the net.

What hand does left handed people cut their food with?

People tend to use the dominant hand for cutting as it is the stronger; therefore, a left-handed person would normally use the left hand.

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