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Q: What golf players have won two tournaments this season?
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How many golf tournaments are held in Qatar?


What age did Tiger Woods start playing golf?

Tiger Woods is seen video playing golf well at about the age of two or three. He was competing in golf tournaments at the age of six.

How do eliminate players for final round of golf?

In professional tournaments there is a half way cut. It is calculated differently for different events, but is usually top 70 and ties play the final two rounds. In major championships it is top... and ties but also all players within 10 shots of the lead.

What are two names of golf players?

Two names of golf players are Lorena Ochoa which is the best woman golfer in the whole world and another golfer is Tiger Woods which is the best man golfer in the whole world.

How many players qualify for the final two rounds of the British Open golf tournament?

There are a total of 156 players who qualify to play in the British Open golf tournament. The players who place in the top 70 positions will qualify to play for the final two rounds.

How many players can be in a poker tournament?

A poker tournament can have as few as two players or as many as thousands of players playing on thousands of tables. There are both informal and formal tournaments held all over the world.

How many people are usually in a group infor a round of golf?

The maximum is four players. On the professional tours, three players play together for the first two days, then they are split into two balls (two players) for the final two rounds.

Which two players have played in five different Soccer World Cup tournaments?

There were Lothaer Mathaeus and a Mexican who played in 5 world cups.

What do you need to make a paintball team?

Time, money, and at least two other committed players. The lowest tournaments are local 3v3 speedball games.

Can you play Sims season with two players?

No it's single player only.

What is a two ball foursome in golf?

There are two teams each of two players. Each team hits the same ball, taking alternate shots.

Why is golf not an olympic sport?

Good Question. There are several reasons, the two most important probably being that there are already a lot of international tournaments for golf and that there are only a few real golf "superstars", and most may not be able to show up, or not want to miss another tournament, etc.

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