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Titleist 909 D2, 8.5O with Fujikura Rombax 7V05.

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Q: What golf driver does rory mcilroy use?
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In what sport do players use a driver or a wood?


What sport do players use a driver or a wood?


When do you use a driver in golf?

when you hit off the teebox

What adhesive do you use to repair a golf driver?

You would use golf club epoxy, it is a very strong two part glue.

What golf driver did Austin use?

Stone Cold Steve Austin? He was a wrestler, not a golfer.

Do people just use irons in a round of golf?

Yes - you can just just irons in a round of golf. There is no rule stating you need to use a driver or fairway wood. Using irons if you are new to golf is a good way to improve your game as they can be more forgiving than woods

Do you use golf nets to cover your golf clubs when not in use?

Golf nets are not used to cover your golf clubs when not in use. Golf nets are used to stop the golf ball after you hit it. It is like a background stop for the golf ball. There are golf nets for indoor and outdoor use.

What do you use in golf?

golf clubs

How do you help rory fix the mine shack on cp?

talk to rory use the gadget u got fron g then boom

What Golf driver does Davis Love III use?

DL3 plays the Titleist D910D3 Prototype with adjustable hossel. He played for years the D909 and was one of the last pros to switch from a persimmon driver to a metal driver (1996). He is still in the top 15 long hitters on tour at 46.

How long should a golf driver shaft be if you are 5'9?

You are actually average height. You would be able to use a standard shaft, however if you feel uncomfortable you could get custom fit.

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