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Pine Valley Golf course, N.J

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Q: What golf course is ranked number one in the US?
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Tiger woods is

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How are countries ranked that play golf?

Golfers are ranked individually, but countries are not. There is The World Cup of Golf which takes place every year, Italy won the most recent one, in 2009.

What is unc ranked?

number one.

Who is the number one ranked chess player?

Garry Kasparov is the number 1 ranked player in the world.

Why is golf referred to as the links?

The links is simply a term referring to a type of golf course. A links golf course is one where the land that is golf course is on, is the land that 'links' the sea to the arable farming land.

Where can one find information on Badlands golf course?

Badlands golf course is located on Alta Drive in Las Vagas, Nevada. One can find more information on the Badlands golf course on their website, BadlandsGC.

Where is Q school for golf?

one is at the palms golf course in Orlando Fla

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Where could one find a top golf course in the UK?

One can find a top golf course in the UK by consulting reviews in golfing magazines such as Golf World and Golf Monthly. Golf Empire and Golf Digest also list the top 100 golf courses in the UK on their websites.

Is there a golf course at caboolture river?

Along the Caboolture River (north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia), there is at least one golf course.

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What is a disc golf course?

a disc golf course is just like a golf course except instead od holes you have baskets. a disc golf course is just like a ball golf course(18 holes) except most courses are free to play. there are 3000+ disc golf courses in the world, so i don't think you'll have problems finding one.

What does the word link mean in golf?

a links golf course is one situated beside the sea

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"Jelena Jankovi��, a Siberian Pro Tennis Player was ranked number one from Aug 11, 2008 to

Where is there more information available on golf course management?

Golf course management is a tough job as it involves a number of aspects. But this job can be simplified by working at an existing golf course and learning the way things are done over there. Afterwards one can apply for a particular course regarding the same in any reputed university that will give you immense knowledge about the field.

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Where was the first golf course?

The first golf course built is in Saint Andrews, Scotland. It is one of the most difficult courses known today.

How far should a golf cart go on one charge?

Most are designed to last for one round on an 18-hole golf course, but not much more. Of course, it depends on how long the course is - and how hilly!

How many golf courses?

Some golf resort have different golf course, depends on the golf area. In one round there are 9 standard holes.

What is the biggest golf course?

The one on Grand Theft Auto.

What number wood is a driver in golf?

Number one

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