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Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey has a slope rating of 155 (out of a possible 155) from the championship tees.

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The Lodge at Cloudcroft Golf Course, at 9200', is highest elevation golf course in the United States.

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Pine Valley Golf course, N.J

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Q: What golf course has the highest slope rating?
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What is slope rating in golf?

Please see relSlope Rating - the evaluation of the relative difficulty of a course for players who are not scratch golfers compared to the difficulty of the course for scratch golfers. The lowest Slope Rating is 55 and the highest 155. A course of standard playing difficulty will have a Slope Rating of 113.ated link.

Explain the slope rating on a golf course?

Slope rating is the difficulty of the golf course. The higher the rating, then the more difficult one should have. The greens are faster, the course is hilly, and there are many more bunkers.

What are the range of slope ratings for golf courses?

The slope rating scale goes from 55 to 155 and is a measure of a courses diffictulty and used to calculate a players handicap index and course handicaps. The lower the rating, the lower the difficulty of the course. The average slope rating is around 113.

If your hanicap is 24 based on your golf coyrse slope of 124 what would your handicap be on a course with a slope rating of 125?

probably a 24 too... no more then 25.

What is slope rating for a golf course?

The difficult level in its gradient. The Slope system addresses the problem of portability of handicaps by adjusting a player's USGA Handicap Index according to the relative difficulty of the golf course being played. Courses are rated according to the relative difficulty for both the scratch and the bogey golfer. Slope Rating is based on the performance of the bogey golfer as defined by the USGA.

What is the rating and slope of Las Vegas National Golf Club?


What is the distinction of the golf course in Cloudcroft NM?

It is at an elevation of 10000 feet, The highest golf course

Where is the highest golf course in Europe?


Where is world's highest golf course?


What handicap golf an 82 average?

In the UK it would depend on the CSS/SSS and par of the course. In the states I think it goes on par for the course and the slope rating. 82 consistently would put you in the 10-12 or so category.

Where is the world's highest golf course?

Gulmar In jammu and kashmir

What are the chances of a 25 handicap shooting an 82 on a golf course with a 72.4 rating and a 134 slope?

It's probably unlikely that the 25 handicapper will shoot that many under their handicap, but you never know. Depends if they are regularly shooting better than there handicap. Anything can happen in golf.