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Callaway Hot Brand

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Little white balls

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Q: What golf balls go the furthest when you hit them?
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Is it how hard you hit a golf ball to make it go the furthest?

No, its mostly Technique but power helps!

Are ladies golf balls made to go longer distances than men's golf balls?

Ladies golf balls are distance golf balls, they have very little spin. They go slightly father, but not by that much.

How can you get free golf balls or tennis balls?

Go to a Tennis/Golf club, and at the end of the week ask if they have any balls they are going to throw out, so you can keep them instead. That or go to a golf/tennis course and pick up any left over balls. I've left some tennis balls on the court for others.

Will a golf ball travel farther than any other golf ball when hit by a golf club if the golf ball bounces higher than the other golf balls when dropped from the same distance?

Yes, theoretically. The golf ball's rate of transferring energy (in this case elastic) is dependent on its COR (coefficient of restitution) - which is basically a rate of how rigid the shell is. In simple words, yes. The golf ball that bounces higher than other golf balls is bouncier than the other golf balls. If you hit a rubber ball with a golf club, the ball should travel farther than all the regular golf balls.

What happens to golf balls that go in the water?

They sink.

What is a sentence using the word dimpled?

Dimpled golf balls were found to go further and be more accurate than undimpled golf balls.

How can you get free golf balls?

Green staked tree, Ground Under Repair, casual water, water in a bunker, animal burrow, cart path (check local rules though), embedded ball in the fairway, tyre print (from tractor or heavy vehicle).

How far will a golf ball go if it with a wooden driver?

It will go pretty far, depends how well you normally hit a driver. It would only go 20-30 yards short of your normal drive. When the old pros like Sam Snead and Arnold Palmer used to hit wooden drivers they would still hit them 270+ and that was with the old golf balls.

When is it okay to use cheep golf balls?

Cheap golf balls are generally very hard, which means that it is difficult to control where they go. It is never okay to use cheap golf balls and one should just buy the high-end ones.

What if you lose all your balls during a golf tournament?

Then you go out and buy more.

How do you get extra golf balls on halo reach forge?

Easy just go into edit mode go to gadgets then go to toys then you just simply buy some more golf balls {but it's a limt on how many you can buy like all the other stuff}.

What is a sentence for dimple?

Golf balls were dimpled as the dimples was found to cause the golf balls to go further and be more accurate than undimpled golf balls.