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A Golf ball with more dimples goes the furthest because the more dimples the straighteir the accurcy and line up is.

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Q: What goes further a golf ball with a lot of dimples or a golf ball with fewer dimples?
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Does wearing shoes determine if a soccer ball goes further when you kick it then when your not wearing shoes?


Science fair projects on soccer?

ummm you can predict which ball goes further whether the ball if it is wet or not.also if it will go further under higher pressure or lower pressure. hope I helped

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How far will a metal baseball bat make a ball go?

It goes further than a wooden bat.

Does the temperature effect how far a ball travels?

Yes it does, in cold weather the ball doesn't go as far, in warm weather it goes further, but not by a massive distance.

Does a heated golf ball go farther then a cold golf ball?

A warmer golf ball goes further, you cannot warm it up though because that is not allowed under the rules of golf.

Which golf ball goes further?

The one hit the hardest as long as the wind is in it's favor and the direction is straight!

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When you hit a golf ball it goes high how do you fix that?

A simple tip for that is move the ball further ball in your stance. If its when you hit your golf ball off a tee, another simple tip is just lower your tee farther into the ground.

What is an example for friction using bowling balls?

Two come to mind, the ball slows down as it goes further down the alley. as the ball spins, the friction generated causes the ball to curve.

What happens if a mans ball goes back into him?

It is a dead ball ball goes to other team.

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a golf ball goes the farthest

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What happens when the ball goes out in basketball?

When the ball goes out-of-bounds in basketball then the possesion of the ball is switched to the opposing team

Who invented the tennis ball?

The history of the tennis ball goes back to the 15th century, and the individual who created it has been lost to time. For further information on tennis balls, visit the Wikipedia link, below.

How does the force in which you kick the soccer ball affect how far it travels?

Hit it harder, it goes further. That is to say that force is directly proportional to the distance travelled.

What does boundary mean in cricket?

The boundary - is simply the edge of the playing field. If a ball reaches the boundary (or goes even further) it scores six runs.

Why does a tennis ball go farther and higher if thrown compared to a ping pong?

it is my understanding that a tennis ball has more mass compared to a ping pong ball. if something has a larger mass it can carry a larger amount of energy and the more energy it has the further it goes.

What is a net ball and let ball in tennis?

A net ball is on any shot that it goes in the net. A let ball is when you are serving and it hits the net but the ball goes in therefore re-serving.

Does the clock stop if a player fumbles the ball and the ball goes out of bounds?

Yes, when a fumbled ball goes out of bounds, the clock is to be stoped.

When placing the ball for the new down how is it decided where it goes?

where the ball is at the end of the previous play. if they ran to the right the ball goes on the right hash, if they run to the left then it goes on the left hash and if the run in the middle it goes in the middle.

What is a backward hitin rounders?

A backward hit in rounders is when the batter hits the ball backwards and it goes behind the batting section. The batter can take the first post when this happens but can not go further until the ball is back in play.

What happens when a soccer ball goes out of bounds in a soccer game?

If the ball goes out of play on the sidelines, then the team who did not kick the ball out of play goes to throw it back in to their teammates. If the ball goes out of play on the goal-lines, and it was an opponent who kicked it out, then its a goal-kick. If it was an opponents side of the field, then it will be a corner kick.

Which ball would travel the farthest when you throw it A football basketball tennis ball soccer ball or a softball?

i think a football travels faster because you can throw a spiral and that goes faser