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depends on the shooter. if we are talking professional players than it would most likely be a hockey shot... especially a slap shot. but that's not saying a Lacrosse shot isn't hard.

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Q: What goes faster a hockey shot or a lacrosse shot?
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Can you wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse?

yes you can wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse

What is a Shots on Goal in lacrosse?

when the shot is stopped by the goalie or goes in

Do smaller elbow pads give you a faster and more accurate shot in lacrosse?


Is the shot that goes into the net for a goal counted as a shot on the shot clock in a nhl hockey game?

Yes, it is!

Which lacrosse shot is faster underhand overhand or sidearm?

it all depends on the person .... The fastest shot I have ever seen was a side arm

What is the top speed shot in lacrosse history?

the fastet shot in lacrosse ever recorded is 121 mph

Does it count if a shot in hockey goes in after the buzzer if it's shot before the buzzer?

no it does not it has to becompletely across the goal line when the buzzer goes off.

Will taller hockey players have a faster shot than shorter players?

Yes, because their sticks will be longer, and that means their swing will be longer. Its a lot like golf.

What is faster a fastball or a slap shot?

A slap shot is by far faster.

List 20 recreational activities?

Football, Netball, Hockey, tennis, Rounders, Cricket, rugby, lacrosse, golf, running, basketball, badminton, dance, gymnastics, aerobics, hurdles, shot put, rhythmic dance, help?

In lacrosse if a ball is shot and a player is chasing down the ball it goes out-of-bounds and they're closest to it does that player get credited for a GROUND BALL stat?

no they do not their team just receives possession

How long can you hold the ball for in lacrosse?

well if your talking about the most popular form of lacrosse (field lacrosse, like the one in college) then you can technically hold the ball as long as you want to, If you are playing Box Lacrosse however, you have 30 seconds to take a shot (it resets after each shot) or you and your team will lose possesion of the ball.