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Q: What goals do you have in your carrear?
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What carrear does carlos vela have?


What number was steven Gerrard for Liverpool when he started his carrear?


What kind of subjects can you study in Harvard university?

science enginner or another carrear

Which carrear is in demand the most between architecture and quantity surveying?

With the way you spell career i don't think either will be suitable for you

What happens if you beat Carrear on wwe smackdown vs raw 2009?

Nothing really, it just says keep pounding faces in or quit.

Is architecture a good carrear and what is its bad pints?

It appears to be an excellent career if you have the aptitude and inventiveness for it. However -spelling properly is an essential tool - . You need practice with this.

Why are the goals wider then football goals?

The goals are precisely as wide as football goals. They are football goals.

What are destructive goals?

The goals which can not meet are destructive goals or you can say that goals which are incomplete.

What does GA mean in soccer?

GA stands for goals against. GF stands for goals for.

What does goals for and goals against mean in ice hockey standings?

In team standings, 'goals for' stands for the number of goals the team has scored and 'goals against' stands for the number of goals the team has allowed its opponents to score.

Why do you have tentative goals before final goals?

You would have tentative goals before final goals because tentative goals give you a view what you can realistically achieve. Once you have tentative goals, you are able to refine, and rework them in order to come up with your final goals.

Is there a difference between goals and objectives?

Yes there is a distint difference in goals and objectives. Goals are broad objectives are narrow. Goals are general intentions; objectives are precise. Goals are intangible; objectives are tangible. Goals are abstract; objectives are concrete. Goals can't be validated as is; objectives can be validated