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Most people use common super glue or Krazy Glue.

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Q: What glue is used on bowling ball inserts?
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How do you fix your finger holes on a bowling ball if they get too tight?

It would depend on if finger inserts are used in the ball. If inserts are used, simply replace the inserts with a larger value. If inserts are not used, use a bevel, scraper or sand paper to open up the hole.

What is a bowling ball?

A bowling ball is a ball that is used in the game of bowling, where you roll the ball down an aisle and try to knock down as many pins as you can.

What is the most a bowling ball can weigh?

16 pounds is the maximum weight of a bowling ball that can be used in sanctioned events.

How do you install bowling ball inserts?

For plastic, urethane or rubber inserts, a hole is drilled the size of the outer diameter of the insert to be used. Care must be taken to factor how the span of the inserts are placed with where the holes are placed. After drilling has been done, the inserts are glued in. While thumb inserts can be replaceable, it's more common to drill a large hole where the thumb goes and a solid thumb insert is glued in the hole. The thumb hole is then drilled into the solid insert.

What basic equipment is used for bowling?

The basic equipment needed for a bowler is the bowling ball and bowling shoes. A bag to carry the ball in is common. Some bowlers use wrist aids for support.

How is math used in bowling?

calculate the force of the ball and statistics

Is there such thing as a 3 pound bowling bowl?

6 pound Bowling balls have been considered the lightest to be used in order to properly be used with ball returns at the center.

Does a bowling ball weighs 1 lb?

The lowest weight bowling ball used at centers is 6 pounds as there still needs to be a certain amount of weight to work properly in the ball returns

What is a delivery in bowling?

Delivery is the term used to describe the motion of the body and ball as it moves from the standing position holding the ball, through the steps towards the foul line and then release of the bowling ball.

What is easier to roll a bolling ball on?

A flat, smooth surface would be ideal for rolling a bowling ball successfully. Usually, wooden floors that were waxed are used in bowling lanes. This gives the bowling ball less friction, thus, giving it more acceleration and less slowing down.

How do you measure the diameter of a bowling ball?

The instrument used to measure the diameter of spherical objects is called calipers.

What first basketball used to play basketball was a?

It was a heavy ball, Kinda like our today "Bowling Ball" It was slighty lighter to allow the ball to enter the hoop.