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It is Germany.

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Q: What girls soccer team holds the most world cup points?
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What women soccer team holds the most world cup points?

It is Germany.

What soccer team holds the world cup title?

the soccer team that holds the world cups title is Italy

How many girls play soccer in the world?

Around 1,000.90 girls play soccer in the U.S.A

How many girls in the world play on a soccer team?

There are uncountable girls in the world who are interested in soccer. I am not sure how many girls but I'm quite certain there are lots.

Which City holds the title of soccer World Cup Capital?

Mexico city

Who holds the world record for decathlon?

Ashton Eaton with 9039 points.

The best girls team in the world?

The best girls team in the world is King City Royals 1999 girls soccer team in Ontario the A team.

What is the most common sport for girls in the world?

The common sport in the world is Futbol (Soccer).

How are world cup soccer points awarded?

Teams receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and no points for a loss.

World's largest soccer stadium?

The largest soccer stadium is in Pyongyang, North Korea. It holds 150,000 people and was built in 1989.

Who holds the world record of the most goals shot in one soccer game?

It is Archie Thompson of Australia.

Who has the most points ever in a rugby world cup?

Grant Fox of New Zealand holds the record for most amount of points in a single Rugby World Cup, accumulating 126 points in the 1987 tournament.

Which country has the men's current World Cup in soccer?

Brazil holds the record for most world cups won. and Italy hold the current world cup.

What is more popular football or American football?

American Football holds the most popularity in the United States, while Football (Soccer) holds among the least of organized professional sports leagues. Around the world, Soccer holds a very high level of popularity while American Football does not.

Is new camp the largest soccer stadium in the world?

No. The Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata in India is the largest. It holds about 120,000 people. The Nou Camp holds around 99,000.

Are there more boy soccer player than girls?

yes. the only country where the girls play more football than the boys is in the States football (soccer) is the single most popular male sport in the world

How are points given in world cup soccer?

In the group stages, 3 for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. The last 16 is knock out so no points.

What happens with a world cup soccer draw?

Both Teams Get 1point each if you win you get 3points if you loose no points !

Which soccer team holds the world record for the most domestic league titles?

Glasgow Rangers Football Club 54 titles

What are some soccer stadiums?

The most famous stadium in da world is the Maracana Stadium in Brazil which holds above 199, 000

How many people holds estadio centenario in Montevideo Uruguay?

About 60,000 people. It's a "FIFA Monument to World Football" (soccer).

Who holds the most of the goals in soccer world cups until today?

i am not sure but i think that the answer is ronaldo or ryan giggs -760 goals

In the long Island Soccer soccer league how many points is a tie worth and how many points is a win worth?

In almost every league in the world a tie is worth 1 point, and a win is worth 3. 0 points for losing. I'd expect the league you mentioned to work this way.

Are they going to have world FIFA for girls?

I hope when I'm a bit older there will be. I like soccer.!. From Gabby-Chan. (Gabriella)

Is there a world soccer monument?

There is a world soccer monument.