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It depends on the position your playing. If your playing Pitcher then a glove and a mask, !st base a glove, 2nd a glove, short stop a glove maybe a mask as well, 3rd a glove and a mask if wanted, catcher a glove, helmet, chest pad, sheen guards, and what ever else you need. But when you go up to bat a helmet and bat! And don't leave out the team uniform!:) lol

Of course all positions need sunscreen, sunglasses, sliding shorts, a bat, a glove, cleats, batting gloves, an equipment bag, glove conditioner and a great attitude.

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Baseball players need a uniform and glove at minimum. However, there are all types of composite materials for bats and accessory items for the player in the field. Your best best is to call XO Sports / League Direct at 866 496 4327 and ask them! A great bunch of guys who really know their stuff! TEAM SALES IS ALL THEY DO! Tell them the Wild Sox sent you! LOL

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Q: What gear do you need to play softball?
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