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The very basics are: A paintball mask, paintballs, A paintball gun, an air tank, and a hopper.

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Q: What gear do you need to go paintballing?
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Related questions

Can a 10 year old go paintballing?

in america 10yr olds can go paintballing it just depends which county but in england u have to be 11

Do you have to buy your own paintball gear to go paintballing?

No. Almost every fields will rent you a mask, marker and tank. Some will also offer camouflage rentals or chest protectors.

What are some advantages to having a paintball park in your town?

you don't need t travel far to go paintballing

What is all the proper safety gear for paintballing?

A certified paintball mask, everything else is really unnecessary.

What is the legal age to go paintballing in the UK?

12 is the minimal age with parental consent, but, if you're over 16 you can go paintballing without parental consent.

How old do you have to be to go paintballing?

the minimum age is 10

How much is it to go paintballing?

Roughest estimate: $50.

How much will it cost to go paintballing with 5 people?

For a beginner who is renting, its about 50 dollars per person. If you have your own gear, and on certain days, it can be down to 35, paint included. If you have a large group you can usually get a discount.

Can you go paintballing at 11?

Yes. It hurts a lot though.

Where can you go paintballing for money?

Many paintball players do not and will not make any money, even the Pros. Many have to take up second jobs. Players usually receive sponsorships (free gear), and play to keep those sponsors.

How tall do you have to be to go paintballing?

maybe at least 6 or 8 to what ever

Is it ok for a 11 year old to go paintballing?

Yes if they are responsible.

Is there kid paintballing?

In most places kids can go right in with the audults

How many people die from paintballing?

I think it is impossible to die from paintballing

What will you need to go paintballing?

A mask, marker, full air tank, and paint first of all. If you need to rent bring around 60 to 80 dollars for entrance and paint. If you don't have any of the items above you can rent them.

What are fun activities for teens that include physical fitness?

go jogging or bully your parents into let you go paintballing

Do you need pods for free paintballing?

You only need pods if you consistently shoot more then 200 rounds per game.

Do you need a neck guard for paintballing?

NO because you don't often get shot in the neck. But it's optional.

What is the legal age for a child to go paintballing?

State,County, and Municipal laws regulate this activity.

Can an epileptic go paintballing?

It should be fine for Photosensitive epilepsy. Otherwise you should consult a physician.

How many people do you have to have to go paintballing?

You can go just by yourself. but if you mean a private match, two, but you have to pay for a private match and it is expensive

Where to go paintballing?

Just type in paintball to any search engine, and find a paintball field near you.

Where can you go paintballing within oxfordshire that you can bring your own equipment forward slash stuff?

Paintball Oxford.

How to Join a professional paintballing team?

You can join a professional paintballing team by taking part in their auditions or trials.

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If the car will go into second gear and take off, then there might be a bad syncro gear or bend shifter fork. The transmission may need to be taken out and inspected to find the problem.