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Serve is done when a new game, a new match has to start. A coin toss is decidedt who will serve first for the match.

Each players serves until a particular game is finished that is 15-30-40 and game. Serve is not changed on every point but it is broken after every game.

A volley is form of a shot played in the game of tennis. A volley is hit without letting the ball bounce. This shot is mostly hit when the player is near to the net. There are forehand volleys and backhand volleys. I hope i have explained enough

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Serve and volley is a term used in tennis. Serve and volley play is a style of play in which the player serves the ball, then moves quickly towards the net.

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Q: What games involve serve and volley?
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Name 5 different tennis shots?

Forehand, Backhand, Smash, Volley and Serve(which i dont think is counted as a shot)

Strokes in tennis?

Forehand Backhand serve volley smash

What is a rotation in volley ball?

Rotation - when the player rotate to serve.

How maths involve volley ball?

the angle at which you hit the ball depends on maths

What is the meaning of serve in the ping pong?

When you serve, you start the volley back and forth until somebody wins the point.

Games of kerala?

mainly volley ball

What is used to start each volley?

The serve initiates play and any points earned.

What are the names of some sites offering free Volley Challenge games online?

Mousebreaker is a site that offers free Volley Challenge games. Sambafoot and ChromeGame also offer the same type of games online. The game is called "Football Volley Challenge" on every website mentioned.

How do your muscles help perform a volley serve or skill?

Your muscles help perform a volley ball serve or skill by transferring your muscles' energies from your body into the ball, causing it to fly to the other side. It involves mostly hand, arm, and back muscles.

In tennis are you allowed to volley a return of serve this would be desirable if the opponent has a weak serve?

If by what you mean is are you allowed to hit the return before it bounces - NO.

What weresome ancient Spartans games?

soccer and volley ball

What is advantage of volley in tennis?

well volleying is were you hit the ball back and forth to see who is going to have the ball to serve first. - that's why they say volley for serve. So that advantage of that would be having the first opportunity to be able to gain a point on your opponent. If you are not the serving team you do not gain a point. You only have the chance to then serve the ball yourself.