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Q: What games in the real world are like Quidditch?
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If quidditch was real would it be fun?

Some colleges have it as a sport.

Why is Harry brave in the chapter Quidditch?

Because he is a real Gryffindor.

What are the two best sports ever?

Real tennis Quidditch

Games that like a real world but free and no need to installation?

I doubt there are any games like that, unless metaphorically you mean that the real world is a game itself. All games must require some kind of space or unit it is made out of..

Are there real haunted games in the world?


What is the history of the world championship games?

if you mean like in the olympics then it started in 1896 being the first 'real' olympics

Do real people play quidditch?

Quidditch is a sport played by those of great wealth in England. Specially customised brooms are created and they give the user the ability to fly and play the game of Quidditch. The snitch is usually a flying rat that is often hard to catch.

Do you like Video Games?

are you for real? Yes

Are there sports that start with l or p or q or z?

learn how to spell answer quidditch is not a real sport

Is darkri real?

Not in the real world but it is available to catch in a couple of the pokemon games.

Is there a spell to get powers?

Only in games not in the real world

What website can you go on to play Cashier Games just like in real life?

real life cashier games

Is Darkrai real?

In real life? No. In the Pokemon games? Yes. Are any other pokemon real in real life? NO, through they may look like real animals. But, in Pokemon games, they are all real.

Is Call of Duty real in real life?

The Call of Duty games are fictional, but based on true events and times, like World War 2, the Vietnam war etc.

What is cirrus clouds like in the real world?

they are the same as in a real circus!

Is there a real world like woozworld?


What sport has the least teams?

Well, there are exactly zero actual teams for rollerball and quidditch. I'm not sure the question has any real meaning, or possible real answer.

Is net kittens a real game?

no net kitten is not a real website it is just a tv show game like arthur but there are similur games like pet adopting games

What games are considered video games?

Well, that's a bit of a weird question; A video game is basically anything not in the real world, it must be played on a screen, rather than the real world

When was Quidditch Through the Ages published?

The real published version was released in 2001. It is not known when the one used in the series was published.

Why are vidieo games good?

Some vidieo games are good because they show what goes on in the real world.

What does a Mocking jay look like?

It is not a real bird. It was created in the imaginary world of Hunger Games by crossing a "jabber jay" (also not a real bird) with a mockingbird. Here is a link to the Hunger Games Wiki website so you can see some artwork.

What are some games like the sims 2?

Kaneva or real life

What things in the real world looks like a cylinder?


What are 5 connections between the number 17 and the real world?

the number seventeen has a wide range of connection to the real world like how Albert Einstien like it.