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Almost every Mayan city had a ballcourt to play the ball game Pok-A-Tok. Another was Bul (pronounced like 'Bull' ), a war game.

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Q: What games did the Mayans play?
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What games did the ancient mayans used to play?

Temple Ball and Pok-to-Pok

How the Olympics were different from Mayans?

the mayans were games, and the olympics are people

What sports did the Mayans play?

The Mayans Played the deathly Ball Game and Pok-A-Tok

What games and sport of ancient origin are still popular today?

the Incas and the Mayans used to play a soccer type of sport.

Did the Mayans play a ball game with a rubber ball?

Yes the mayans did use rubber balls for the ball game. They would take human skulls and rap thick rubber around them to give it a sort of round shape. They would also play special music during ball games to honor the god that "founded" the ball game.

What did the Mayans achieve?

the calendar hieroglyphics mathematical system temples ball games

What was the first basketball goal?

a sideways ring used by the mayans in sacrifitial games.

What did the Mayans do for recreation?

they layed games like pok-a-tok a ball game, and also played board games such as Patolli

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What did the Tillamook tribe play for games?

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What toys did the ancient mayans play with?

they played with lego blablad poo monopley jump rope

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Where did the Mayans settle?

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