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The only one that comes to mind right now is Lacrosse.

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Q: What games are played with a net on a stick and a ball?
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What games are played by kicking a ball over a net?

Kick ball. The game with the ball being kicked over the net

What games are played with a stick and a net?

hockey and floor hockey.

What games are played with two players a net and no ball?


What are the origins of lacrosse?

Lacrosse was originally played by Indians, using small heads as the ball and a stick with a net tied on top. the net was called a "crosse"

What is the definition of net games?

Net games is either played by an individual player or in pairs. The game involves you hitting a ball or shuttlecock over the net, aim to score serious amount of points.

What sports are played with a net but no ball?

Badminton Hockey has a net and is played with a puck.

What games are played with a ball and a net?

Basketball, Soccer, Volley ball, Netball, tennis, ping pong, Birdie, ...if theres anything else..idk

What is the purpse of lacrosse?

The use the stick with net attached and throw the ball in the goal with it

How t play lacrosse?

You have a stick with a net in the end of it. You have 12 people on the field at one time from your team (including goalie) You run down the field and pass it to people on your team, you catch the ball in the net of your stick. You cradle the ball in the net, and shoot it in the goal. [GIRLS]

What is the purpose of the game lacrosse?

the goal of the game lacrosse is to throw the ball with the mini stick and try to get the ball into the net

A sport played with a ball and no net?


What are ten games with a net but no ball?

On the Web "net" Call of duty play 10 games fish - ing accounting net loss

What games are played with a net?

tennis,soccer, basketballAnswerAll that are played with a rounded ball straight, soccer, badminton, netball, basketball,

What commonwealth games are NZ playing in?

net ball

What is the advantage of using a lacroose stick?

The advantages of using a lacrosse stick are a full extended grip and a net to cradle the ball

Why does my shot the ground to early in front of the net?

It is because your stick has too much whip. Whip is a term in lacrosse used to describe the point that the ball comes out of your stick. If you have too much whip, the ball will shoot at the ground. If you have to little whip, the ball will fly over the net.

How are volleyball and basketball alike?

There are many reasons how v-ball and b-ball are alike... Answers include (but are not limited to)... -they both have a ball (no DUH) -played all around the world -the game is played with a net (in some way, shape, or form...) (v-ball would be the net that the game is played around... b-ball would be the net on the hoop) -ETC!!!!

What is racking in lacrosse?

When you put the net of your stick over the ball and pulling it towards you, then putting the head on the ground so that the ball rolls into it.

What is a let in volleyball?

A let is when the ball is served into play and the ball hits the top of the net but continues to go over the net. The ball continues to be played without stoppage.

What does a forward do in hockey?

take puck/ball, hit puck/ball with stick, put puck/ball into back of net. celebrate with teammates, help out the defense when needed

What is the similarities between soccer and netball?

you use a ball the target of both games is to get the ball in a net, the players of both games have names for the posisions ie midfielder, goal attack the main difference is soccer(football) is played using your feet netball is played using your hands

What sports are played without a ball and a net?

BaseballSoftballIce hockey (played with a puck and a net)American footballGolfPolo

What sports are played without a ball but with a net?

Fishing ,Trampolining, Badmnton

What sport is played with a ball caught by player with a net?


What sports are played in the winter PSSA season at Kogarah Public School?

net ball and sock ball