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Q: What game is known as the game of inches?
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How many yards are there in 177.8 inches?

it is known to be that 4.558974359yards are in 177.8 inches and also known to be 4.5_yards

Is millimeters known as inches?

No, inches and millimeters are different lengths.

How many inches is the basketball ring of normal game?

17 inches

What sport is called Game of inches?


What is the largest size of penis known?

13.5 inches

What is the standard height of a game table?

28 inches

What game is known as royal game?

teri meri

What is the answer to A game board with an area of 160 inches squared?

If you expect an answer, you must have a clearly defined question. "A game board with an area of 160 inches squared" is not even a question.

What is the game of Football also known as?

In America it is known as soccer...

What is area of a square game board is 144 square inches?

The area of a square game board is 144 sq. in. What is the length of one of the sides of the board? Answer: 12 inches

What are inches of vacuum?

Pressure is often measured in inches of mercury when describing barometric pressure in weather reports. This term is also known as "inches of mercury vacuum".

What are the demensions of the Sole F85 treadmill?

The Sole F85 treadmill is known as a treadmill that can be folded. The dimensions of this treadmill is 35 inches by 80 inches. The running surface is 22 inches by 60 inches.

If the perimeter of a rectangle is 14 inches then its area is 10 inches?

the length is 5 and the height is 2 or also known as 5x2

How many inches are WWE Kane boots?

Kane's boot are two inches tall. Kane is a well known person.

What is the width of a rectangle with length 25 in and area 375in2?

15 inches. Divide the known area by the known length !

Is Poptropica a dumb game or what?

Yes, It is. It is the dumbest game known to man.

The game of badminton was once known in India as a game called?


What is the game Royal Game of UR?

it is one of the oldest known games.

How tall is a Saanen goat?

Between 30-32 inches Tall some have been known to be up to 35 inches tall

How much does the game weigh?

He weighs 220, 6ft 3 inches

What is the diameter of ball of basketball game?

The diameter is 9.390 inches (approx).

What is the average height of a desk?

answer:29.5 inches (better known as 75cm or 750mm)

What is the height of an AV rack space?

1.75 inches. Also known as 1U.

What is the area of a diameter of 20 inches?

62.831in also known as 20"pie"

Are feet and inches known as imperial or imperative measurements?

They are part of the Imperial system.