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NHL 2k11

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Q: What game is better NHL 2k 11 or NHL Slapshot?
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What hockey games are available for the Wii?

2k Sports has released their annual hockey game every year for the Wii since 2009: NHL 2k9, 2k10, and 2k11. EA's last NHL mainstream game that was released on the Wii is NHL 09, but have since then created a motion-based version, NHL Slapshot, alongside the release of NHL 11 on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Will NHL 11 come to wii?

Yes, NHL ea series will come to wii finally. If you don't believe it go to and search NHL 11 coming to wii? On pastapadre and it will show an awesome picture. P.s. This is not NHL slapshot this is the real deal NHL series. This so awesome.

What is better nhl2k10 or nhl2k11?

Neither of them. They suck! NHL 11 is better

NHL 2k11 or NHL 11?

definitely nhl 11 the 2k nhl games have all pretty much sucked whereas easports nhl games have won many sport game of the year awards i also heard that there wouldn't be another 2k hockey game but if there is still definitely nhl 11

When was the first game of the 2012 NHL playoffs?

The 2012 NHL playoffs began on April 11.

What is the most number of nhl penalties in one game?


What is the fewest shots registered in a win in an NHL game?


Was Jonathan toews on the cover of a hockey video game?

Yes, for NHL 11.

Highest scored game on nhl 11 on xbox 360?


What is the best NHL video game?

The best game can depend on what you have. NHL 2K11 is really good and has great dekes, but NHL 11 is also good and works on more platforms. NHL 12 and NHL 2K12 will be coming out soon so your might want to wait for those.

How do you goalie fight in NHL 11?

You can't fight in NHL 11 but you can in NHL 12 that was released in September 2011.

Will there be a NHL 11?

do u mean the video game? cause i bet yeah so its a yes

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