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Q: What franchise has the most first place-finishes during the regular season in NFL history?
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What NFL franchise has most first place finishes during regular season?

The Jacksonville Jaguars

How many games have the Pittsburgh Steelers won in franchise history?

Through the 2013 seadon, the Steelers franchise regular season record is 569-519-20. Their postseason record is 33-21.They played under several names during that time. They were founded as the Pittsburgh Pirates. And during World War II, they played as the Steagles (with Philly) and Card-Pitt (with the Chicago Cardinals).

What were the most points scored by the Pittsburgh Steelers in a season?

In 1979, the Steelers set the franchise record for points scored during the regular season with 416.

What NFL team has 19 first place finishes in NFL history during a regular season?

Green Bay

How many tickets do professional football players receive per game to give to family and friends during the regular season?

There is not a set amount of tickets that each player gets for their games. Each franchise has its own rules. Each franchise probably has a set amount of seats set aside for the players needs.

How did the Baltimore Ravens become Baltimore?

During the 1995 NFL season, Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell announced his intention to move the team to Baltimore for financial reasons. The team began playing as the Baltimore Ravens during the 1996 regular season. The NFL made arrangements to bring another team to Cleveland, starting with the 1999 season. The Browns' history, records and uniform colors were held over for the new Cleveland franchise.

How many games were played at the old Yankee Stadium?

6,581 Yankees regular season home games during its 85-year history.

When did the Pittsburgh penguins become a franchise?

The franchise was founded in 1967 as one of the first expansion teams during the league's original expansion from six to twelve teams.

How many NFL teams have gone 11-0 during the regular season?

There have been a total of 14 teams in NFL history who have gone 11-0 to start the season.

What is the all time record between the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals?

Through the 2016 season, the Dallas Cowboys are 55-32-1 all time versus the Arizona Cardinals franchise. The teams will meet again during the 2017 regular season.

Who is sandshrew?

Sandshrew is from the Pokémon franchise and is classified as a Mouse Pokémon and is a Ground-type Pokémon, it has Sand Veil as its regular ability which will raise its evasion during an evasion however its hidden ability is Sand Rush which will raise its speed during a Sandstorm during Pokémon battles.

How many times have the Baltimore Ravens beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers twice in the regular season?

The Baltimore Ravens have beaten the Steelers twice in the regular season two times during their history. It was in 2006 and 2011.

Who was the first player to sign a contract with the new orleans saints?

Ole Miss kicker Paige Cothren, who signed a formal contract with the New Orleans Saints franchise on February 4, 1967. Cothren never played for the Saints during the regular season because he was beaten out by free-agent kicker Charlie Durkee during the team's first training camp.

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during what period of history were pirate ships the most active? during what period of history were pirate ships the most active? during what period of history were pirate ships the most active?

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i need an answer please... What if nstp cannot be Taken Up During REgular class What will be the effect for the students?

Who plays at Rose Bowl during regular season?

The Rose Bowl is used by UCLA as its home field during the regular season.

Who had the highest PPG in NBA history?

Michael Jordan has the most PPG in a career, with 30.12 PPG. Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for the most PPG during a single season, with 50.36 which he recorded while playing for the Philadelphia Warriors, during the 1961-62 regular season.

Why is churchills speech considered historically important?

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Were the Golden State Warriors good during the 2014-2015 season?

Yes, they were. With a record of 67-15, the team had the fifth best winning percentage during the regular season in NBA history. They are currently slotted in the NBA finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers and are the favorites to win it all.

How many games did the LA Dodgers lose during the 2013 season?

The LA Dodgers lost 70 regular season games during the 2013 regular season.

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What is the most wins by a New York Yankees team?

The 1998 New York Yankees had the most wins in team history with 125. They had 114 wins during the regular season and 11 more in the postseason.

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How many games the Miami Dolphins win in the 2008-2009?

2008 record was 11-5 During the regular season the Dolphins completed the greatest single-season turnaround in NFL history,going from a 1-15 regular season record in 2007 to an 11-5 record in 2008. Additionally, Miami won the AFC East, becoming the first team in NFL history to win their division after only having one win the previous season.