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AnswerAlan Brazil is the only one I can spot at list-of-manchester-united-playersbut some of the others have place names as surnames...

Joe Jordan is another former Man Utd player with a country as a surname .

I am told by a friend that there is a third country as a surname for ex Man Utd players but I cant think who this is . Did anyone called Scotland or Irel;and ever play for United ?

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Q: What former Manchester United players have countries as surnames?
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Which 2 Manchester united players have surnames named after flowers?

dennis violet, ted mcdougall

How many players are on the Manchester United team?

Manchester united have 11 players on there team

Players that have Manchester united to Manchester city?

Dennis Law and Carlos Tevez are players that formerly played for Manchester United and moved to Manchester City

How many players are in Manchester United?

Manchester United have 32 players in their First Squad and two players are currently out on loan.

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what are manchester united wages

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Only 11 players from Manchester United can play at a time.

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yes 4 players witch cost manchester united 80 million

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well recently carlos tevez the argentinian striker has moved to Manchester city from Manchester united but i have know infromation about players in the past

Which players have played for Manchester United and Newcastle?

Players who played for both clubs Manchester United and Newcastle United are Michael Owen. Nicky Butt, Alan Smith.

How many Manchester united players have won a champions league medal with another club?

There are three players who have done it, Edwin Van Der Saar , with Juventus and Manchester united., Gerrard pique , Barcelona and Manchester United and Owen Hargreaves with Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

How many players are there on mancheaster united team?

There are 11 players on Manchester United aka Man united.

How players in the Manchester United?


Did real Madrid give there best player to Manchester united after munich crash?

No, Manchester United played the rest of the season with reserve and youth players. Real Madrid did not give any players to Manchester United. That is a very strange rumour

Players who used to play at Manchester united who still play?

Nicky Butt played for Manchester United and Newcastle United as well.

Who was the last German player to play for Manchester united?

None of the German players have ever played for Manchester United.

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Most recently, Carlos Tevez from United to no club to City.

Which players played for Manchester united and Everton?


What players have played for Newcastle united and Manchester United?

Michael Owen

What African football players who played Manchester United?

The African footballers who played for Manchester United in the past are Clinton fortune.

How many current Manchester United players are from Manchester?

Only Paul Scholles and Gary Neville are from Manchester u.

Who is better out of Manchester city and Manchester united?

Manchester United have a better history and had some really good players in history but Manchester City as of 2014 is better than United although you can think what you want about both teams

Manchester united players names beginning with k?

There are currently only two players on the Manchester United roster whose name (first or last) begins with a K. Those players are Shinji Kagawa and Michael Keane.

How many Manchester united players represented England in the euro 2008 tournament?

No Manchester United players represented England as England failed to qualify for the 2008 European Championship Finals.

How many people are in Manchester united?

30 players

What Manchester United players have played for their Country?

all of them