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Only 11 players from Manchester United can play at a time.

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Q: How many players in Manchester United play in a match?
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How many players are on the Manchester United team?

Manchester united have 11 players on there team

How many players are in Manchester United?

Manchester United have 32 players in their First Squad and two players are currently out on loan.

How many goals will be scored in the first half of the match between Manchester United?

There isn't a match between Manchester and United.

How many players are there on mancheaster united team?

There are 11 players on Manchester United aka Man united.

How many players have scored 5 goals in a football match?

1 player has and he plays for Manchester united and his name is berbtov. He scored 5 goals in a match against blackburn.

How many people are in Manchester united?

30 players

How many Manchester united players have won a champions league medal with another club?

There are three players who have done it, Edwin Van Der Saar , with Juventus and Manchester united., Gerrard pique , Barcelona and Manchester United and Owen Hargreaves with Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

How many current Manchester United players are from Manchester?

Only Paul Scholles and Gary Neville are from Manchester u.

How many players of Manchester united died in the 1958 plane crash?

7 players

How many players have played for Chelsea and Manchester united?

6 players so far

How many Asian players played for Manchester United?


How many players have arsenal sold to Manchester United?


How many Manchester united players represented England in the euro 2008 tournament?

No Manchester United players represented England as England failed to qualify for the 2008 European Championship Finals.

How many Manchester united players have won player of the year?


How many different nationalities are represented by Manchester United players?


How many players have scored a hat trick against Manchester united in the champions league?

No player has hat trick against manchester united

How many fouls were committed in the final match between Barcelona and Manchester United?

Barcelona made 5 fouls , Manchester United made16 fouls.

Irish players to play for Manchester united?

How many irishmen have played for Manchester united? Over 60 Irishmen form North and South have played for Manchester United and Newton Heath

How many players have had the number 7 Manchester United?

The Manchester United football players to wear the number 7 jersey are Eric Cantona, Bryan Robson, David Beck ham, , Christiano Ronaldo

How many players play for Manchester United?

40 in the first team, about 30 in the reserves, which in total, is about 70 players!

There are 50000 people at a football match between Manchester United and Tottenham if 60 percent of the spectators are Manchester United supporters how many people at the match support Tottenham?

30,000 Tottenham fans, 20,000 Glory hunters... I mean United fans.

How many Manchester United players are foreign?

16 of Manchester United's First Team players are foreign. If you consider Darren Fletcher (Scotland), Ryan Giggs (Wales) and Johnny Evans (Northen Ireland) foreign, then it is 19.

How many Manchester United players have played against them in the Champions League?

One. Owen Hargreaves not just current players

How many Manchester United players have been knighted?

2. Bobby Charlton and Walter Winterbottom.

How many players have played for both Manchester United and spurs?

dimitar berbatov and some ovaz

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