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The Dominican Republic has produced 486 MLB players, by tfar the msot of any foreign country.

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Q: What foreign country produced the most major league baseball players?
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Which foreign country has produced the most Major League Baseball players?

Dominican Republic

Which European country plays the most baseball?

Baseball is extremely popular in the Netherlands. In addition to having many leagues of their own, the country has produced many MLB players.

After the US which country has produced the most major league baseball players?

According to Baseball Almanac - 1) Dominican Republic - 473 players 2) Venezuela - 232 players 3) Puerto Rico - 226 players 4) Canada - 221 players 5) Cuba - 157 players

Are there foreign players on Japan's professional baseball and soccer teams?


How many foreign players played Major league baseball in 1999?

out of 1,209 players who played at least one game in 1999, 932 were born in the USA, leaving 277 foreign born players, or 23%

Which AAU baseball program has produced the most college players?

All star baseball academy downingtown

Why are major league baseball players drafted from other countries?

They aren't drafted. Foreign players become free agents at the age of 16.

How many foreign born players have been inducted into the baseball hall of fame?

I don't know the exact number but there are many players that come from Latin America, South America, and Southeast Asia. Venezuela is where the majority of foreign players come from.

Do foreign baseball players pay taxes?

In the US, Federal taxes are commonly withheld on all baseball players' salaries and bonuses. In some of their home countries, this amount of US taxes can be a deduction for home country income earned abroad. The player's home country tax laws govern taxes that may be owed there. Some nations do not tax citizens in any sport where they earn money.

How many foreign football players are in arsenal?

In Arsenal there are only a few home players majority are French about 16 players are foreign.

What country has produced the most NHL players?

Canada by a landslide, right now over 50% of the NHL is Canadian's

Do you have to play for the country you were born in for the FIFA World Cup?

To play for a country you must have at least one grandparent from that country, and once you play for a country once that is the only country you can play for.