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Q: Are there foreign players on Japan's professional baseball and soccer teams?
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What are japans favorite sports?

My guess is baseball.

What is japans strongest sport?

baseball for sure

What is japans favorite sport?

baseball, judo, and karate.

Which of these opened japans ports to foreign trade?

This question can't be answered. We don't know who or what you ask about.

What is japans most popular sport?

Baseball or Yakyu as they call it there.

What is Japans sport?

The most common sport in Japan is baseball.

What is Japan other favorite sports?

Japans other favorite sports are baseball.

Why did japans leaders like baseball?

it contained elements that were already part of japanese culture

What is Japans national bird?

the Blue Crane is Japans National Bird.

What is Japans natural resource?

People are Japans greatest natural resource.

What are some vocbaurlary of mt fuji?

japans house- the japans house!

What are Japan's natural barriers?

One of japans natural barriers is that japan is very mountainous. This could also be good for japan in case of a foreign invasion.

What is Japans currency?

Japans currency is the YEN. The YEN symbol is ¥ and its code is JPY.

What is Japans natural resources?

Japans natural resources are the ocean, the forest, and farming

What is Japans biggest sport?

Japan's biggest sport would have to be baseball. I don't know why, don't ask. That is what i am searching for.

What has the author Bruno Siemers written?

Bruno Siemers has written: 'Japans Eingliederung in den Weltverkehr, 1853-1869' -- subject(s): Commerce, Foreign relations

Three provisions in japans constitution?

Note three provisions in japans new constitution

What are some of Japans crops?

Some of Japans crops are potatoes, seafood, tea, and rice,bamboo

Three provisions in japans new constitution?

Note three provisions in japans new constitution

What year was japans current constitution adopted?

Japans current constitution was adopted on May 3,1997

What is Japans transport?


What are Japans needs?


What are Japans traditional drink?

Japans traditional drink is Kalambiji and it has soy beans and green tea mixed.

What covers 70 percent of Japans land surface?

Mountains cover over 75% of Japans Land Surface.

What did japans adoption of China's writing and religious beliefs indicate?

Japans willingness to adopt more of china's culture