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not arsenal x

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Q: What football team will win the premier league?
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Who was the first football team to win the premier league?

Manchester United won it in 1995That is when it stared.

What team will win the premier league?


Which team will win the premier league?


What kind of games can you play on My Golden League?

My Golden League is an internet football game. You can become with football coach of a professional football team and win fantastic prices, manage your team, become a talented football trainer and win the French Ligue 1, the English Premier League or one of the different private leagues. allows you to create your team with a budget of 200 million € and win points based on the performance of your players during the Ligue 1 or the English Premier League.

First team to win the premier league?

Manchester United

Who was the first team to win the Barclay's premier league?


Which team will win the Barclay's premier league in 2012?

Manchester united

Who was the last current premier league team to win a trophy?


Why did Leicester win the Premier League?

Because they were the best team in the league in the 2015/2016 season.

What are Chelsea Football Clubs aims and objectives?

Their aim, like everyother team, it to win the Premier League title, and any other title, cup, or acheivement they can.

How many points to win the premier league?

One more than the second-placed team.

In the current terms of the soccer or football premier league table if Chelsea win two games and lose one and man united win two and draw one who would win the the premier league?

With three games to go of the 2009/2010 Premier League season, the scenario you suggested would leave both teams on 83 points, in which case it would depend how many goals each team score and concede. Goal difference has never been used to decide Premier League champions.

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