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You should like the packers because they won superbowl!!


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โˆ™ 2011-11-03 14:53:22
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Q: What football team should you like?
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What football team do you like?

I like the Eagles.

What team in football does zayn like from one direction?

he doest support a football team!

Should Delmar football team be capitalized?

No, unless "football team" is actually the name of the team. Delmar is capitalized, Delmar Wildcats is capitalized, Delmar football team is not.

What should be my favorite football team?


How do you be the member of football team?

You should go to the meetings. If you are scrawny you should go out as team manager.

What should you call las Vegas for a team of football?

We don't an NFL football team. But for College, we're the rebels.

What is the symbol for oil on a map?

It should look like a little tower. Look up Tennessee oilers the old football team. It should look like that.

Are the Philadelphia Eagles your favorite football team?

Yes I like Philadelphia Eagles football team. The Philadelphia Eagles are a professional American football team. I like their logo and way they play are simply excellent.

What team should you be in NCAA 11 Football?


What football team dose Rey Mysterio support?

i dont know. does he even like football? you cant answer a question like so and so likes what football team if so and so doesnt like football. find out if he likes football first.

What football team does Aston Merrygold like?

Arsenal is the team he likes.

Did football team did C.S. Lewis like?

He liked Birmingham. I don't know if CS Lewis had any football teams in mind. He lived in Britain, I believe, which means football was not one of their main sports, like it is here in America. Your question should probably be, "What cricket team did CS Lewis like?" :)

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