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Detroit. The Detroit Lions football team.

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Q: What football team are known as the lions?
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What football team is known as the Lions in English league?

The Detroit Lions.

Who is the football team of Detroit?


What is the nickname of the university of Georgia football team?

the bulldogs. How bout them dawgs. go you silver britches.

What is Eminem's football team?

Eminem is from Detroit, Michigan. His favorite football team is the Detroit Lions.

What football team is based off lions?

penn state nittany lions

Does Michigan have a football team and what is their name?

Detroit Lions.

What state are the Lions the pro football team in?


Eminem favorite football team?

Detroit lions

What football team does Ne Yo support?


What is the team name for the Cameroon soccer team?

The Cameroon football team are called the lions.

What football team does tatum bell play for?

Detroit lions

What football team was 0-16?

The Detriot Lions in 2009