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DB- corner, safety add on a little weight, you would be a great olb.

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Q: What football position should I play I am 132lbs 5' 9 bench 215 squat 400 and clean 185?
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What high school football position should you play at 5' 7 and 120 pounds?

the bench

What football position should you at 5'9 and 190 pounds and 16 years old?

Bench Warmer

What position in football is a BE?

If you are referring to fantasy football, BE stands for bench. Otherwise I have no idea what BE stands for.

What football position should you play if I'm 6'4 380 675 bench and a 900 squat?

Offensive or Defensive line.

If you are 58 120lbs can bench 120 run and run 5.5 forty what position should you play in football for JV?

defensive back

What football position should i play if im 5'11 and weigh 150 and can bench 150 and am 14 years old?

linebacker or de

What position should i play in football if im 5'8 and 135lb and bench 185lb and squat 245lb and cling 170lb?

I am a freshman football coach and my outside linebacker has similar stats as you so outside linbacker is a great position

What football Position should you play 5'7 lift 117 bench press 190 squat can catch great and run a 5.3?


What position could you play in football if you squat 200 bench 135 run the 40 in 5 seconds and the 400 in 73 seconds?

the bench

What football position should I play at 5'3 158 pounds I can bench 200 as a max not sure what my 40. dash is. I rep 135 for bench?

I think you should play halfback! You are low to the ground and pretty strong so you should be able to run a few people over.

Can I play football--I'm 5'5 130 lb and can bench 145-- If so what position?

don't play at all then got it?

What is a dug out for football?

A bench

What position did Jonny Bench play?

Bench was a catcher for the Cincinnati Reds.

How many on bench in football?


What football position should you play if im 5'11 170 pounds i lift 165 bench press 315 squat 135 hang clean. I play rugby as a hooker and a winger im 16 years old trying out for football?

safety or runningback

What position should i play if im 5'5 and 194lbs in high-school football?

left bench... nah I'm kidding. guard/center. 5'5 is good to get leverage. on defense either nose or d tackle

What position should you play in football as a freshman in high school and are 5'11 and 150 pounds bench press 200 and squat 250 and you run a 4.86 40 yard dash?

WR/TE...maybe QB

What years did Bob Beckel play for the Colts football team and position?

you've got to be kidding, maybe he held down the bench in hurricane winds.

How much can Goldberg bench?

As much as he like, I guess.... well go figure he was in football before wrestling and football players can bench alot

How much should a freshman bench to be in a high school football team?

depends on what you wiegh but at least your body weight

Which football position should you play if you are 5ft10 160 pounds your max bench is 140 and max squat is 205 and your 100 yard is 15 seconds?

Maybe focuse on more cardio and try to play a wide receiver?

What football position if you have a max of 110 bench 160 squat 125 power clean 7'4 broad jump a 4.99 20 yard shuttle and i weigh 130 and im 5'6?

The bench....Unless you are in middle school.

What position should you play at 6'1 and 185 lbs in high school football?

try receiver or safety but you have to be fast if your not fast (4.3-4.8 40 yd dash) maybe you should go for bench warmer or sunblocker either one is equally effective.

What position should I play in football I am a sophomore and I am going to play my junior year I am 6'1 and weigh 148 I rep 135 on bench and 150 on squat?

go to the coach and just say, hey where can i be of use on the feild, they normally can put you where you should be, that's what im doing

What can Bench Press?

you should bench your weight or more