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that would be the Quarterback. although the center distributes the ball to him before every play

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Q: What football position is responsible for distributing the football?
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What position is mainly responsible for catching a forward pass?

In football, I would say a wide receiver.

What does heritage mean in football boots?

it means distributing the ball

What position in football gaurds the catcher?

For deep passing routes, the cornerback is typically responsible for covering the receiver.

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What is the football position ks?

the football position ks is Kicker

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A few of the positions pass the ball but the biggest would be the quarterback. The quarterback passes the ball to a linemen, and is the first throw of the game!

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Football player job description?

A football player is responsible for performing their specific position, in order to help their team win the game. They may play several positions in one game to achieve that goal.

What is the MLB position in football?

This is the Middle Linebacker position

What is the position S in football?

the position s is the safety

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