How far can a quarter back throw the football?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Tothe field goal

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Q: How far can a quarter back throw the football?
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What is the fastest football?

There is no such thing as the fastest football. Footballs can't be fast. It depends how strong the quarter back is because if the quarter back is really strong he can throw it really fast and far. So theres your answer.

Who are the best paid football players?

the quarter back is often the highest paid player by far

Which football team is Brett far the quarter back for?

the packers He played for the Jets this past year.

How far can Eli Manning throw a football?

60 yards in a game , but he thinks he can throw about 70-80yrds

How far can Sam Bradford throw a football?

75 yrds

How can air pressure effect how far you can throw a football?


How far can christian ponder throw a football?

7 yards!

How far can Troy Aikman throw the football?

69 yards

How far can John Cena throw a football?

100 yards

How far can Matthew stafford throw a football?

75 yards

What factors make someone able to throw a football far?

The Pressure of your hand and how hard you throw it

How far up in the air can you throw a football?

3 meters if your weak