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Wide receiver.

If you bulk up and grow to 6' 2" 6'3" you could play QB.

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Q: What football position do you play I am 16 and weigh 160 and 6 ft?
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What football position should you play if your 13 5'9 and you weigh 160 pounds?

In my opinion, OLB, SS, HB if your fast enough, and maybe Inside LB

What high school football position should you play at 160 pounds and 5'9?

I would say wide receiver or cornerback

How much do you have to weigh to become a football player?

You have to be at least 160 pounds.

What football position should myself play if you are five foot ten inches weigh 160 pounds can catch very good and you are between fast and normal at running?

high school?.. sounds like you should try tight end.

What position in football should you play at 160 pounds and 5'5 height?

Your best bet would be to try running back, or Corner back

How much does the average 15 year old football player weigh?


What position should someone that is 6ft 160 pounds pretty fast and lean play in football?

I would say either a wide receiver or a defensive back

Which football position should you play if you are 5ft10 160 pounds your max bench is 140 and max squat is 205 and your 100 yard is 15 seconds?

Maybe focuse on more cardio and try to play a wide receiver?

What football position should i play im 6'0 160 pounds i run a 5.2 40 yard dash and i can catch throw and run the ball pretty decently i just dont know what i should play?


What football position if you have a max of 110 bench 160 squat 125 power clean 7'4 broad jump a 4.99 20 yard shuttle and i weigh 130 and im 5'6?

The bench....Unless you are in middle school.

You are five foot eight inches you weigh 160 pounds you bench 250 pounds squat 350 and power clean 225 what football position should you play?

Type your answer here... Depeding on how fast you are maybe tailback or linebacker but im about exactly similar to you i run a 4.5 40 yd dash ad i mak agreat lineman its a good position if your strong and quick

Im 6 ft 160 lbs and im 13 yeers old im strong.What football position should i play?

Hmm, by the way you spelled "years", most likely English class.