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My son thinks it would be the fullback, who can also run the ball. But he thinks it could also be the guard. -----
Your son knows his football Crystal. There are five offensive lineman whose primary job is to block: one center who snaps the ball to the quarterback, two guards, and two tackles. The fullback is a running back who lines up near the halfback, is usually bigger than the halfback, and helps to block when the halfback is given the ball.

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Q: What football position blocks for the running backs and protects the quarterback?
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What are the offense position in football?

running back,quarterback,offensive lineman,wide receiver,tight end,full back

What position did Allen Iverson play in highschool football A- Running Back B- quarterback C- Wide Receiver D-kick or punt returner?


What player in football runs the ball?

The Quarterback(QB) or the Running Back(RB).

Which football term is defined as a lateral tossed from a quarterback to a running back?


What is a running back in football?

A running back is a position in football in which the ball is hiked to the running back and they then run the ball

What is the hardest position in football?

The Running Back

What is the position rb in football?

Running back :)

When did Joseph Addai start playing football?

Joseph Addai, popular Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots running back, started playing football in high school. He originally played the quarterback position.

What is a running back in baseball?

There is no such position in baseball. The running back position is used in American football.

What position in football did Jackie play?

Early on in college Jackie Robinson was a quarterback, and saftey. Before he went into the service Jackie Robinson was a running back for a semi pro team.

What offensive position lines up behind the quarterback and specializes in running with the ball?

A Runningback.

What does the tight end do in football?

The Tight End is a position on offense. Tight Ends are sometimes the last man on the offensive line. Their main jobs are to block for the running back or quarterback who has the ball, receive passes from the Quarterback and help build a stronger pocket for the quarterback by helping fellow offensive linemen.

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