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Q: What football players wears the number 28 on the saints team?
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Who wears jersey?

all football players

What football players wears or wore number 2 0n their jersey?

I don't know everyone but David Akers, and Matt Ryan.

Who wears number 26 for the New Orleans Saints?

Number 17 for the New Orleans Saints was Robert Meachem. He is with the San Diego Chargers now.

What number did Drew Brees wear at Purdue?

He wears it because it was Ted Williams number

Which football player wears the number 16?

In which club.

What football player wears mercurial?

Lots of players including Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba.

Who determines what number an athlete wears?

The players decide by chosing numbers of their favorite players from their youth

Martin O'Neil wears the number 31 on his training top in football why?

Because that was his jersey number when he played football.

Who on the Brazil football team wears number 11 in?


What football player wears number 19?

Danny Welbeck

What NFL players wear number 18?

Yes - Kenny Britt wears the number.

Which Northern Ireland International football player wears the number 23 for Sunderland Football team?

Republic of Ireland international, James McLean, currently wears the number 23 shirt at Sunderland.