What football player has the highest wage?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Cristiano Ronaldo if u include sponsorships nd advertsing

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Q: What football player has the highest wage?
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Who are the first three highest football earner in the world?

Zlatnta ibrhamioviv is the highest paid (salary)player in world football. David beckham is they higherst paid player due to his comercail deal with the mls but gets a relativly small weekley wage from la galaxy

What is the average wage of a UK football player?

the average wage is 80,000 grand a week

Highest paid player in football?


Highest paid player in english league?

Yaya Toure is the highest paided player in the prem with a basic wage of £185,000 per week

Who scorred highest goal in football?

Edson Arantes do Nascimento of Brazil is the player who has scored the highest goals in football.

Who was the highest paid football player in 2008?

It was Ronaldo.

Who is the player score highest goals in football?


Who is the highest paid football player?

Leonard Davis

Who is the highest paid player in football?

Christiano ronaldo is the highest paid footballer today.

What are the highest paid athletes by sport?

in football the highest played player is always the quarterback.

What is the highest ever wage earned by an actor?

Jerry Seinfeld had the highest wage.

What is the amount of the highest paid football player?

33$ million