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Indoor Football:

AFL-Arena football league

IFL-Indoor Football league

PFL-Pro Football league

Normal Football:

UFL-United Football league

Canadian Football:

CFL-Canadian football league

European Football:

NFL Europe-National Football League Europe

EFL-European Football League

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2012-08-21 05:59:03
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Q: What football leagues are there besides the NFL?
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Is there other pro football leagues other then the NFL?

No football is only in America

What football leagues do the saints belong to?

New Orleans, NFL...

What are the similarities between American tackle football and world football?

they are both tackle there is the nfl, semi pro, and Canadian football leagues in the Canadian league a lot of players go there if they get into trouble in the nfl. The rules in the different leagues are different

What leagues make up the NFL?

NFC national football conference and AFC American football conference

How many teams are there in all the major sport leagues?

32 football teams NFL

What is NFL miner league?

The NFL presently does not have a minor league system. There are minor leagues of pro and semi-pro football but they are not affiliated with the NFL.

Who formed the NFL?

In 1920 representatives of several professional American football leagues and independent teams

Is football only played in the fall?

No. The NFL and college football are played in the fall, but the Arena Football League and smaller indoor football leagues play in the spring and early summer.

What does AFC and NFC stand for in the NFL?

AnswerI THINK ITS THE AMERICAN FOOTBALL CONFERENCE AND THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL CONFERENCE? AnswerAmerican Football Conference and National Football Conference. These are the successors of the American Football League and the National Football League, respectively, after the two leagues were combined to form the NFL.

Are there any girl football leagues?

Yes - professionally in America there's just the WPS besides the olympic teams and in England I know there's women's premier leagues as well.

When did the AFL and the NFL go to one league?

The two leagues merged into one National Football League in 1970.

When did the NFL begin?

AnswerThe National Football League(NFL) was founded in 1920. The American Football League(AFL) was founded in 1960. The two leagues sustained a heavy rivalry until merging in 1970.

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