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The organization won the championship of the American Football League in 1960 and 1961 as the Houston Oilers.

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Q: Have the Tennessee Titans won any championship awards?
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Did the titans win any Super Bowls?

The Tennessee Titans/ Houston Oilers have yet to win a Super bowl.

What city do the Titans play for?

They play for the state of Tennesee, not any particular city in Tennessee

Who is Jeff fisher?

Coach of the Tennessee Titans of the NFL, he is a Taft high school alumni, and has the longest tenure of any active head coach in the nfl.

What team does Jeff Fisher coach for today?

Jeff Fisher used to coach the Tennessee Titans, but was fired. He doesn't coach any team currently.

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Are there any teams in the NFL that are undefeated in the 2008 season as of November 1 2008?

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Will the Tennessee Titans make it to the Super Bowl?

This cannot be known as of now, but the Titans showed ability to bounce back after an 0-6 start in 2009 and have cured many roster issues from the 2004-5 period. Id' say they have as decent a shot as any team.

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