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They play in the MLS in the West Conference in the USA

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Q: What football league does la galaxy play for?
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What league does the LA Galaxy play in?

The Galaxy play in the MLS (Major League Soccer).

What league is la galaxy in?

LA Galaxy is a football club from California and is in the Major League Soccer(MLS).Which is an American professional league.

How man times has LA Galaxy win the champions league?

LA galaxy is a US based " soccer" team and champions league is the most prestigious football league in Europe.

What league does the la galaxy play in fifa 12?

United States

What league does David Beckham play for?

MlS (major league soccer. Club is LA galaxy Happy sex!

Why does David Beckham get paid so much to play soccer for LA Galaxy?

Because la are stupid they think he is really good he is pants he is old also he moved to la galaxy because he is coming to retirement and still wonts to feel good as a footballer because he carnt play fast football or keep up wiv a proper league eg premiership or spanish league ect mls league is much slower but he is a good player 4 tht league and they just won't to keep beckham there

What league do the french football team play in?

i think it is la liga but not sure if it is spelt like that :)

What channel do the LA Galaxy play on?

what channel do the la galaxy vs. real salt lake

How do you join LA Galaxy?

Be Good At Football As David Beckham.

Which Club does beckham play for?

la galaxy

Does David Beckham still play football?

Yes he currently plays for the LA Galaxy and is nearing the end of his contract. Hes 36

How do you say you play football in french?

la foot, or la football. :D

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