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Accrington Stanley

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Q: What football league club is alphabetically 1st?
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What country comes 1st alphabetically?


How much is leicester city football club worth?

As of August 1st, 2011, Kingpower, the sole owner of Leicester City Football Club, have a net-worth in the club of £113 million

AFC wimbledom how many league below football league?

They are currently 1st in the Blue Squre Preimier the league below league 2

What was the 1st Chelsea Football Club crest?

It was a different lion with the alphabets C.F.C on it.

What cups have liverppol football club won?

Liverpool have won the Old 1st Division, Old 2nd Division, F.A. Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup, UEFA Champions League & UEFA Super Cup and Carling cup

Who were the 1st two football teams to do the FA Cup and League double?

preston north end

Who is Britains most northerly football club?

Ross county F.C who play in the scottish 1st division

Who is better Newcastle or Cambridge football club?

well cambridge 1st are better than newcastle reserves but newcastles 1st team is better than cambridges 1st team

What is the oldest Soccer club in The Netherlands?

Koninklijke HFCKoninklijke HFC Haarlem founded September 15 1879. This club is not present in the payed league anymore. The oldest club still playing in the payed league is Sparta Rotterdam. Founded April 1st 1888.

Best club soccer team in the world?

According to several sources, Bayern Munich of Germany is currently the best football club in the world. (As of July 1st 2013)

Does Madeira have any football or baseball stadiums?

Football is our main sport...Cristiano Ronaldo cames from Madeira Funchal city, C.D.Nacional and C.S.Maritímo are in the 1st Portuguease League...

What is Wayne Rooney's 1st club?

Rooney's 1st club was Everton.

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