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Q: What football club won the leaguge in 2006?
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How many times has Barcelona football club won the European football cup?

3 times. in 1992, 2006 and 2009

Which football club won the league in 1994?

Aston Villa football club won the league in 1994

Who won the premiership twice?

If you mean exactly twice, then that is Chelsea Football Club in the seasons 2004 - 2005 and 2005 - 2006.

Which country won football world cup in 2006?

Italy won the fifa football worldcup 2006 germany!!

Has Notts County Football Club won any tournaments?

There is no information about whether or not the Notts County football club has won any tournaments. The ladies football team, however, has won several championships.

Which club in England won the highest trophy in football?

No club has won the Football World Cup trophy, since it is only contested by national teams.

Which team won the FA Cup in 2012?

Chelsea Football Club won with a score of 2-1 against Liverpool Football Club, at Wembly.

Which football club won the football league in 2000?

manchester united won the league in 2000

Which club won the football league 1998?


Football club which won league in 1998?

Not Liverpool.

Which football club won the leage in 1999?

It was Spurs.

In 1997 which team won the football league?

Arsenal Football Club won the premiership whilst Nott'm Forest won Division 1