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Q: What football club does comidy Dave support?
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What football team does paolo nutini support?

Celtic Football Club.

What football club has the biggest support?

Manchester united

What football team does dj tiesto support?

Glasgow Rangers Football Club

What football club does tyger drew-honey support?

I don't think he supports football :)

What is worlds biggest myth?

Portsmouth Football Club's support

What team does Gordon strachan support?

Hibernian Football Club

What has the author Dave Prentice written?

Dave Prentice has written: 'Ten year Blues' -- subject(s): Everton Football Club, History

What football team does Louie Walsh support?

Louie Walsh supports Celtic Football Club

What football team did nelson Mandela support?

Orlando Pirates Football Club, Formed in 1937.

What football clubs do arctic monkeys support?

Sheffield Wednesday football club. "the massive" or "the pigs" :)

What has the author Dave Russell written?

Dave Russell has written: 'Preston North End' -- subject(s): Preston North End Football Club

What premium football club does he support Prince William?

Aston Villa