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As of the 2007 season, Georgia Tech has a 22-13 record in bowl games. Click on the 'Georgia Tech Bowl History' link on this page to see a list of the bowl games they have played in.

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Q: What football bowl games have the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets been in?
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How many bowl games have the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets won?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Georgia Tech's all time bowl record is 22-13.

Who has won more games between Georgia and Georgia Tech in football?


Who won the most games between Georgia and Florida football?


How many football games did Aaron Murray win at Georgia?

He won 36 games during his time at Georgia.

What school has won the most home games in college football?

georgia tech

How many games have lsu's football team won against Georgia?


What are the most played NCAA football games west of the Mississippi?

Georgia and auburn

Which college plays its football home games at Bobby Dodd Stadium?

Georgia Tech

Where can I find the 1990 Georgia Tech football roster?

A lot of colleges never took the time to put old rosters online for whatever reason. About the only way is with old newspaper articles, or old programs from the games. Library/ Ebay etc. This website lists the 100 man roster for the 1990-1991 Natl Champion team.... The roster on fanbase is neither accurate nor is it complete. There are a lot of omissions and people entered who weren't on the team.

Where does Georgia state play football?

In the Georgia Dome, the same place the Atlanta Falcons play. They usually play their home games on Friday night.

What kind of games in Georgia did they play?

Football, hockey i dont know doing this project for history! HELP

What starting quarterback has won the most games in NCAA football history?

David Greene, University of Georgia

Highest scoring college football games?

The highest scoring college football game was Georgia Tech vs. Cumberland the final score was 222-0

Did Michigan ever play Georgia in football?

Twice (1957, 1965) with Michigan winning in 1957 and Georgia winning in 1965. Both games were played in Ann Arbor.

When was the last time the university of Georgia played Oklahoma state in football?

Through the 2008 season, that was September 1, 2007 when Georgia won 35-14 in Athens. Georgia and Oklahoma State have met three times in football (1946 and 1947 being the other years) with Georgia winning all three games.

How many times have Georgia bulldogs beat Alabama in football in Tuscaloosa?

Twice ... Alabama has won 7 games and Georgia has won 2 games in Tuscaloosa. Georgia won in 2002 and 2007 and Alabama won in 1904, 1958, 1964, 1973, 1988, 1991, and 1994.

Who won the football game last year with Georgia and Georgia tech?

In 2008 Georgia Tech won 45 to 42In 2009 Georgia won 30 to 24Both games were considered upsets

What football team was formerly known as the Frankford Yellow Jackets?

The Frankford Yellow Jackets was the first Philadelphia NFL team, originally formed in 1922 from a combination of players from the Frankford Athletic Association and a Philadelphia City League team, the Philadelphia Union Quakers.The Yellow Jackets won the Philadelphia City title in 1922, then played non-conference games against established NFL teams in 1922-23, finishing the season with a record of 6-2-1. The team's success lead to the Frankford Athletic Association being offered an NFL franchise. They played under the name Yellow Jackets from 1924-1931, winning the NFL Championship in the 1926 season (awarded by record; there was no championship game until 1933).Financial hardship during the Great Depression, a fire that destroyed their home stadium, and several other setbacks led to the team's demise. They concluded their NFL operation on October 26, 1931, the day after the Yellow Jackets defeated the Chicago Bears at Wrigley Field, 13-12.The remains of the Yellow Jackets team was awarded to Burt Bell and Lud Wray in July 1933. Bell and Wray renamed the franchise the Philadelphia Eagles, after Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal symbol.

What sports team first used Gatorade?

"Gatorade" is named after the University of Florida Gators. It was there in 1965 that then Gators football head coach Ray Graves asked the Univeristy of Florida College of Medicine to come up with a hydrating replacement for fluids lost by players during games. Gatorade was the end result of their research, and was subsequently used by the Gators during their games.The Florida Gators credit their 1967 Orange Bowl win over the Georgia Yellow Jackets as having helped them win the game, a sentiment echoed by the Yellow Jackets head coach. Later that year, agreements were made with Stokely-Van Camp, Inc., to process, package, and distribute Gatorade, and the NFL entered into a licensing arrangement for its use in the league.The rest is sports history.

What is the record between Oklahoma state university and uga in football?

Through the 2008 season, Oklahoma State and Georgia have met three times in football with Georgia winning all three games. 1) 1946 - Georgia 33, Oklahoma State 13 2) 1947 - Georgia 20, Oklahoma State 7 3) 2007 - Georgia 35, Oklahoma State 14

How much money does it cost to get an NCAA ticket?

It's about 40 dollars, at least for the University of Georgia football games. If you're a student going to basketball games it should be 4 dollars.

What sec school has Georgia tech never lost to in football?

Through the 2008 season, that is Mississippi State who Georgia Tech has played three times (1908, 1929, 2008) and won all three games.

What were the scores of the Florida Georgia football games in 1967 1968 and 1969?

1967 - 17-16 Florida 1968 - 51-0 Georgia 1969 - 13-13 tie

What is the win-loss record for Georgia vs BSU football games?

They've only played each other once. Georgia won 48-13 on 9/3/2005 As of the start of the 2007 season, Boise State has played four games against SEC opponents, losing to Georgia, South Carolina, and Arkansas twice.

What year did the CFL football first have stripes?

For night games in the West during the 1950s, a yellow football was used that had a black stripe around each end. The lighting in the stadiums was nowhere as bright as it is today, and a yellow ball was much easier for players, officials and fans to see.